Munich 2012 - Day 0

Submitted bydkranker onFri, 09/28/2012 - 17:05

Today was mostly a travel day unfortunately since we couldn't get the overnight train. We started the day early and checked out from the Reims. Rode by train through the French country side and finally crossed the Rhine into Germany. We had a train change in Mannheim in Western Germany, and took this new train from Mannheim into Munich. We had to stand for part of the way because it was so packed. When we arrived in Munich, we got a cab and took it to the Motel. Our motel/apartment is disconnect from the office building and was hard to find, we walked around our area for a while. When we got to the office, we asked how to get to Theresienwiese, which is the fair grounds Oktoberfest is held on. They called us another cab and we went back into the city, we\'re in Eastern Munich, Parsdorf, which is several miles from the center of town, but the only place to get a room. Oktoberfest is a carnival, they have rides, shooting games, throwing games, cotton candy and ice cream trailers all setup along the roads, in between are the hauses (houses) or tents where the drinking goes on. After almost an hour of waiting in line at a couple of tents, we snuck into one when we found out anyone who had a table probably made a reservation last year. We bought some sandwiches and a giant pretzel, inside it was like another mini carnival, people were jumping and dancing on the tables and everything, one guy in front of us starting dancing and singing too, but his friend made him stop. Almost everyone was wearing traditional Bavarian clothing. We came home by cab, it was raining the whole time so that was one of the main reasons we wanted inside a tent and to get something to eat.