What is this site?

what is this site: This is my personal website. I named it dkranker.com because the analytical side of me, decided a long time ago that the most efficient way to form E-mail usernames was based on a scheme of first initial, and full last name. Naturally, I felt a personal website domain name probably should match this. As I learned more, and user bases I maintained in other full-time work and personal business systems grew, this initial and last name system proved to not apply in all scenarios, of course. However, within my own domain, this username is ideal and succinct. Full name usernames and/or with a dot separating the full first and last name has come to fulfill most unique identification requirements in multi-user systems where duplicates could exist. I use this website mainly to archive my accomplishments and experiences, in a mostly written way. I also use this website to provide that public information to others. Another trend in domain names, is for artistically inclined people to use their full name to represent their creative side, which I've done here with dallaskranker.com which represents my Artistic Website fixed in a web "portfolio" of original graphical content.

why is it here: I'm currently using the open-source project called Drupal to host my content here today. Over the years I've documented my personal achievements in other software projects, or just locally on my own computer systems. I plan on merging that information into this site at a later date, but I've also kept those databases and sites in stasis in my local structures, as their own testament to see the progression of how I've expanded my interests, proven concepts, and used content hosting tools over time. I've learned a lot of things about website construction, and logical organization by following sustainable trends in website development and using open source projects to manipulate and host my static historical content. I don't really believe the actual medium (software) you use has or should have a great deal of influence at this point in website development, but it can for some people. If the tool works for you, and you can effectively keep your own content updated, then that's what works best for you. I also don't really engage in Mac or PC debate, I use both fluently and seek Linux based server or desktop solutions when it's the best tool for the job.

what's the plan going forward: Most recently I've turned my attention to hosting my own personal "pod" for social networking purposes in a subdomain of this very website here at; pod.dkranker.com. I hope you get a chance to check it out, I firmly believe if more people embraced the concept, we could really unleash some personal creativity that's being stifled as the web comes of age in a high school drama/Facebook generation. I'm not a big fan of the big social networking clubs (websites) obviously, but that's probably a result of my own independent personality. I've never felt that who I am can be summed up in a series of auto-generated posts, or for that matter a single "page" of it's own. I am a firm believer in decentralization, and have sought this concept in many of my own or commissioned website endeavors. My work on this website is to further my understanding of who I am, at a personal level, and make it available for anyone else who may also be interested. I have a range of other websites for my interests, including my more artistically creative side as mentioned above.