Munich 2012 - Day 3

Submitted bydkranker onTue, 10/02/2012 - 23:08

We walked over to the main hotel to get breakfast.  We just barely made it before they stopped serving.  On the way back Kristi got a shot of the brick building we pass every day to get to the main lobby.  After we got our bags together, we called the front desk to get us a cab and headed over to the main building to check out.  The cab took us to the train, on the way I was able to get one shot that looked to possibly work for my photo project.  Got to the train station and we rented a locker to put our bags in. We went to where we thought the laundromat was, but it was a dry cleaner, the attendant there gave us directions to the nearest laundromat and we found it easily.  We got our clothes washed and dried and had to get another locker near the first one to put the clothes in.  Got a cab to take us to one of the sites I was wanting for my photo project and it ended up being the wrong one (Feldherrnhalle), but a person at this site knew the other place I was wanting (Siegestor).  At both sites they were setting up tents and a sound system for a ceremony to commemorate the reunification of West and East Germany.  We had him drop us off at the nearest location with taxi traffic and dining.  Had some ribs and Kristi had a couple burger patties at a nice corner cafe.  Took a cab and went back to Oktoberfest, this time through the day.  It was not as crazy this time and Kristi wanted to try some banana slices dipped in dark chocolate.  I finished it up and it was pretty good.  There were rides, and all kinds of other foods and candies, we checked the souvenirs but nothing really that much different than what we'd seen.  Got into Hofbrauhaus tent with no problem through the day. We got out on the other side from where we came in and got a cab.  The driver was one we'd had before and he got us to the train station. We took a good look around the train station for any other shopping places, Kristi got a few things and I saw some Cuckoo clocks, but they were too expensive.  We pulled everything out of the locker and started making our way to the platform (platform 12) for the overnight train to Rome.  It wasn't listed on the platform right away, and we'd seen trains change platforms so Kristi went back to the main board to check while I stayed with the bags.  The train did make it right on time and we found our seats. We have our own sleeper compartment complete with a bathroom and shower.